Severn Partnership – Company Background

Severn Partnership are a firm of Chartered Land Surveyors with a reputation established over 30 years for providing a high quality professional service. We survey, measure and monitor to produce high quality plans, sections, and elevations – all the way to Building Information Models (BIM). We work throughout the UK and overseas, utilising the latest robotic survey equipment, 3D laser scanning technology and 3D modelling software, backed up by a wealth of survey expertise and experience. Our mission is to deliver a professional and personal service, regulated at all times by RICS standards and underpinned by strong ethical standards.

Severn Partnership has become a leading provider of Surveying, Mobile Mapping, Subsurface Mapping, 3D Modelling, Laser Scanning, Building Information Modelling and Visualisation services for buildings and infrastructure. Our mission is to deliver Quality Data, Measured Safely and Delivered Professionally on Time.

Why Scan2BIM?

Using Laser Scanning as a means to create a Building Information Model for existing buildings or infrastructure replaces traditional methods with substantial benefits. Scanning provides a fast, accurate and cost effective methodology for delivering as-built BIM-ready information, typically for retrofit and refurbishment projects.

‘Building Information Modelling’ is a term that’s been used since the 90s. Some have found the implementation of BIM over the years difficult, not realising the true value. However many have encouraged change management, utilising BIM to it’s full capability throughout a building’s life-cycle. Supported by the Government mandate, the shift from working within 2D CAD to a 3D collaborative environment is in full-swing.

Scan2BIM are here to bridge the gap between the survey and design industry, delivering accurate models which enable our clients to begin their BIM journey. Laser Scanning is a specialist exercise, requiring expert Geomatic Surveying skills. It is important to ensure that the appropriate equipment and methods have been used to achieve a high accuracy.

Who is Scan2BIM for?

“82% of BIM users who measure ROI (return on investment) are seeing positive results”

Having established the importance of implementing BIM, a variety of businesses are beginning to realise the impact BIM can have on improving efficiency; this is the reason why BIM now appeals to such as wide audience. Many assume design and construction is the most common or only use, however this only contributes to a very small portion of the buildings life-cycle and cost.




Collaboration between the end users and our BIM team is crucial at an early stage to ensure there is a good understanding of the each discipline and their requirements; as this will have a direct impact on the creation of as-built geometry and the methodology used.



Higher Speed
Multiple Uses
More Detail
Improved Communication
Lower Costs
Shorter Time
Fewer Errors
Faster Decision Making
Stakeholder Involvement & Understanding
Project Sustainability