Laser Scanning

British Antarctic Survey
British Antarctic Survey – Base Camp 3D Laser Scan

Rothera Research Station Scanning Rothera Research Station is located on the Antarctic peninsula. It is operated and maintained by British Antarctic Survey (BAS) – an institute of the Natural Environment Research Council. Severn Partnership and Shropshire in general has close ties with British Antarctic Survey with 6 current or former employees having completed work in Antarctica.      The … Continued

3D Laser Scan
3D Laser Scan & 3D Model of a Water Pumping Station

Summary The Scan2BIM team at Severn Partnership were commissioned to undertake a 3D laser scan and 3D model of a Pumping Station based in Doncaster. Overview Our client required a full 3D CAD model of the area, as well as extracted 2D elevations, sections and floor plans to allow GRP data to be later added. The … Continued

Scan2BIM – 3D Model & 3D Laser Scan for Re-design

Summary Scan2BIM Re-design – Severn Partnership were commissioned to 3D laser scan and produce a 3D model of a student accommodation block to allow for re-design & asset management. Overview As there were no current up-to-date accurate plans of the building, our Scan2BIM team were commissioned to create a 3D model using the scan data captured. The 3D model allowed … Continued

BIM4Refurb – 3D Laser Scanning & 3D Modelling of a Farmhouse

Summary 3D Laser Scanning & 3D modelling of an old Farmhouse to aid re-design. Overview Our Scan2BIM team were instructed to carry out a 3D laser scan and 3D model of the farmhouse to facilitate the re-design process. The 3D model was created within Autodesk Revit, which allowed for 2D elevations, plans and sections to … Continued

BIM4Marine - Canal River Trust, 3D Laser Scanning
BIM4Marine – Canal River Trust, 3D Laser Scanning

Overview Our Scan2BIM department complete a variety of projects for a whole host of industries. More recently, we have been involved with a number of projects within the Marine sector. This has varied from large ships to small barges. Scanning is popular within the Naval Industry due to the to complex and unusual nature of historical ships. Advancements … Continued

BIM4Refurbishment – Laser Scanning a Redundant Train Station

Summary Laser Scanning & 3D modelling of a redundant end-of-line Victorian train station due to undergo refurbishment after falling into disrepair. Overview Severn Partnership were commissioned to undertake a 3D laser scan of a vacant train station based in Wales. The station, closed for 50 years is due to undergo refurbishment. To allow for re-design, an accurate measured … Continued

3D Laser Scanning, Railway Depot
Scan2BIM – Railway Depot, 3D Laser Scanning

Summary Severn Partnership were instructed to carry out a full 3D laser scan of a number of bays at a Railway Depot. The client wanted to capture columns, trusses, horizontal and vertical bracing, cladding rails, purlins, connection details and bolt sizes. This information was utilised to make structural assessments and assist with the re-design of the structure. … Continued

Rights to Light – City Centre Mobile Mapping

Summary Laser scanning and 3D Modelling of 40 facades using Leica Pegasus:Two mobile mapping technology for Rights to Light. What is Rights to Light for? A right to light may be acquired by ‘anyone who has had uninterrupted use of something over someone else’s land for 20 years without consent, openly and without threat, and without … Continued

Scan2BIM Royal Institute Chartered Surveyors - HQ
Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors

Summary Full external and internal Scan2BIM of the RICS HQ in Westminster. Background In 2016 Severn Partnership in collaboration with the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) completed a full 3D laser scan of the RICS headquarters. The scan data was used to create an accurate 3D Revit Building Information Model (BIM). The RICS were interested in gaining experience … Continued

Scan2BIM – 3D Models Ministry Justice Law Courts
Scan2BIM – Ministry of Justice Law Courts

Summary As-built laser scanning surveys of six London & East Midlands Law Courts. Using the Point Cloud generated for each site, six 3D models were created for re-design and BIMFM. Overview Our Scan2BIM team have recently carried out a measured survey of six East Midland & London based Magistrate / County Courts. The Ministry of … Continued