ClearEdge3D for Construction Verification

  ClearEdge3D announces the release of its newest software, Verity 1.0, which verifies the accuracy of new construction against design/fabrication models, giving general contractors unprecedented insight into their construction projects. The software analyzes laser scan point cloud data of the as-built construction against the design/fabrication models, identifying variances, missing elements or other potentially costly construction … Continued

Applying Theoretical Lean Processes to Construction Projects

The concept of Lean Construction is the implementation of processes based on theories, aiming to increase efficiency among the Construction Industry as a whole. I have recently began studying a Lean Construction module, where we have discussed where the current inefficiencies are, how we can learn from other industries and why our industry is so … Continued

Scan2BIM Construction Verification - Waste Plant
Construction Verification – Waste Plant

Summary Laser scanning, 3D modelling and clash detection for construction verification. Overview Our client were acting as design consultants on behalf of the construction company to manage issues arising on site. There were concerns that the installation of equipment was not as per designed. In order to ascertain the extent of the issues and to … Continued