British Antarctic Survey – Base Camp 3D Laser Scan

Rothera Research Station Scanning

Rothera Research Station is located on the Antarctic peninsula. It is operated and maintained by British Antarctic Survey (BAS) – an institute of the Natural Environment Research Council. Severn Partnership and Shropshire in general has close ties with British Antarctic Survey with 6 current or former employees having completed work in Antarctica. 



The main project (the relocation of Halley VI), involved a 7 day layover at Rothera Research Station. Whilst initially the BAS project team did not envisage any work to be completed during that time period, it was our suggestion to the project team to liaise with other disciplines and project team to determine the best use of a qualified and equipped surveyor on site. Initially it was discussed to update existing topographical mapping, when BAS’ Infrastructure project team requested a more comprehensive dataset to support developments related to the introduction of the new polar ship for Britain the RRS Sir David Attenborough in 2020. In response to this, the whole station was captured in 3D as millions of points using a 3D Laser Scanner. The scan is a picture in-time, allowing assessments to be made with regards to the location and development of future assets. So far to support this, a 3D solid CAD model of the wharf has been created, as well as a meshed toposurface throughout.

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