BIM4Marine – Canal River Trust, 3D Laser Scanning


Our Scan2BIM department complete a variety of projects for a whole host of industries. More recently, we have been involved with a number of projects within the Marine sector. This has varied from large ships to small barges.

Scanning is popular within the Naval Industry due to the to complex and unusual nature of historical ships. Advancements in technology has allowed scanning to become far more efficient and cost effective, and is therefore currently the preferred method for data capture.

Using the point cloud, a number of deliverables can be extracted such as; 2D plans, elevations, sections and 3D models. These outputs then allow Naval Architects to make important design decisions, aiding the restoration and conservation.

The point cloud can also be used for defect analysis, from smaller visible issues such as rust to more problematic structural issues.

Marine Restoration Bodies

The National Museum of the Royal Navy are a body who seek funding to take on these major restoration projects. By doing so, historical ships, barges and submarines are made available to the public to explore.

The Canal River Trust are a charity who manage 2,000 miles of UK waterways. This includes an enormous network of bridges, embankments, towpaths, aqueducts, docks, water-side buildings, reservoirs and also the wildlife habitats.

To visit one of these museums or sites please follow the below links;

For more information please email us at or speak to us on 01743 875 000.

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